Moonrock Mont

Monty Archie, known professionally as Moonrock Mont, is an American rapper and actor. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Moonrock Mont relocated to California to pursue his music and movie career after partnering with Sticky Woods Productions. Moonrock has performed with major artists throughout his music career that included Riff Raff, Waka Flocka Flame, DJ Blend, Ace Hood, Migos and Trill Sammy. His California vibe fits well with his moto, “You can’t go wrong with a good breeze and some good trees.” Finishing that statement with his favorite ad lib, “Ye-Yeah.”

Moonrock is one of a kind and a party ain’t a party until he rocks the stage. His over the top energy, creative mind and hilarious nature keeps him on the scene. Because his music appeals to so many crowds, he can be found performing at local functions regardless of the coastline. Throwing smoke out parties and shooting videos for his endless lists of music tracks is what keeps his fans entertained and tuned into the next event.  His A-list video and track will give you the head bopping energy  to finish your workout or make that last stretch of bumper to bumper LA traffic not seem so drastic. Need to get amped to pass that test or want to let off some steam from work, then hit play. Did you catch his appearance on Single Parent? If not, you missed the scene of the season? He is a man of one and brings the party wherever he goes. Regardless of the plot the cameras always seem to find him. Where is Moonrock??? Found him! 

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